DON COY


         Don made his way to the Big Apple {New York} from Louisville, KY. in

         1990. He has been involved n Square Dancing since 1972 and attended his

         first caller-training class in 1974.


         Don came to Brooklyn to marry his wife Dot. They met at the National

         Square Dance Convention in 1986 that was held in Indianapolis Indiana. It

         was love at first do sa do Don’s pickup line was, “Do you dance plus”?

         What a line. She must have said”yes” because they have been an item ever

         since. They have won a few awards. { Frequent Flyer That Is}. Don & Dot

         were married in Sept. 1990. They survived very well on Kentucky Fried

         Chicken and a Big Apple.


         Don comes from a musical family. He has been picking & grinning sine he

         was knee high to a Grasshopper. In the mid 60’s Don traveled around

         Kentucky and Indiana entertaining people. His band was called The

         Rhythm Makers. Don recorded two country songs. I’m Gonna Be a guitar

         Player Someday and a song titled So Lonely.


         When Don lived in Kentucky, he was the featured caller for five clubs. He

         also worked for Triangle Talent Agency, who kept him busy entertaining at

         conventions that visited Louisville. Don was very active in the local callers

         association. He served in every office of the association. Don is currently

         treasurer of Callers Council of New Jersey.


         Don has recorded several songs for Red Boot Star. He has also recorded for

         Lore and TNT. He has a new record coming out soon


         Don is a member of Callerlab, Callers Council of New Jersey, and the Long

         Island Callers Association.


         Don is currently club caller for the AL_EMO”s Squares in Brooklyn, and

         is a substitute instructor for Pelham Promenades. He also does a lot of

         guest calling all around the region.. He and Dot do a lot of entertaining at

         parties in and around the New York City area. Don also conducts an

         Advanced workshop every Thursday night at Staten Island. NY.


         Don and Dot are now teaching a dance class at Kingsborough Community

         College in Brooklyn.




         Dot took an early retirement from her teaching job with the New York

         school system. She had taught for 35 years, and decided to hang it up in

         1995. She has now turned her talents to being a line dance instructor. She

         and Don make a good team. Dot does the lines and Don does the squares.

         Dot really shines when they are doing a dance for a hundred anxious

         children, for she knows how to make the kids pay attention.


         An update: Dot is back working for NYC. She is now a professor at

         Kingsborough College. Dot is teaching The Folk Dance Class. Dot and Don

         are also working as a team teaching an introduction To Square Dancing



         Dot took her formal square dance classes in 1984. Bill Anderson was her

         instructor. Dot has always loved Square Dancing. Her mother taught square

         dancing to her children at FT. Hamilton High, Dot also taiks about all the

         fun she had as a young adult dancing the “Darktown Strutters Ball” in the

         Poconos, to a caller named “Curly”


         The powers that be must have know about Dot’s love for square dancing, so

         he gave her, her very own caller..